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From my own experience and working with many other physicians, SELF-LEADERSHIP epitomizes the heart of building a thriving life and career. We fulfill the vision we have for our lives through the purposeful, committed and creative exploration of our inner beliefs, strengths and challenges. Self-Leadership represents the foundation of impactful leadership. The path of self-leadership encompasses:

  • Knowing how to ground ourselves in the moment and to be fully present.
  • Discovering the inner strength and compassion to follow our own path.
  • Identifying our deepest values and aspirations.
  • Articulating our own compelling vision.
  • Demonstrating the capacity to manage our feelings, emotions, and behavior.
  • Continually building our listening and communication skills.
  • Manifesting our willingness to engage curiosity, self-reflection and growth.
  • Committing to leading ourselves so that we can powerfully lead and positively influence others.

Inspiration for Self-Leadership Arises From Many Sources:


"I want to grow my career in new ways."
"I want to be a more authentic and inspiring leader "
"I want to bring more meaning and joy into my life and those in my practice."
"I am feeling burnt out and need to find a saner, more fulfilling life."
"I am interested in a change and want to try something different, but am not sure what that looks like."


My Story

Dr. Jacqueline Huntly is certified as a Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute.

Her clients are individual physicians and health care professionals coming from diverse specialties and practicing in a variety of settings.

Mission Statement
Provide excellence in physician coaching so that my clients can thrive and achieve their career and leadership potential.

Vision Statement
To create a culture in medicine that fosters compassionate, quality care for patients and that supports an environment where physicians can thrive personally and professionally.

Why Self-Leadership Physician Coaching?

Self-leadership creates clarity about the choices and opportunities that are open to you. It deepens the commitment, courage and confidence you need to pursue your deepest aspirations and make meaningful decisions. I love helping physicians build inspiring lives where they believe in their future and the impact that they can have. Having worked with many physicians I can attest to the myriad of opportunities open to those individuals who are willing to commit to a path and process that allows them to create and lead an authentic and fulfilling life and career.

Think of me as a Confidential Sounding Board who will...

Encourage you to think in new and exciting ways.

Brainstorm exciting new opportunities with you.

Help create the structure, focus and support for you to stay in action.

Keep you accountable towards reaching your goals.

Always believe that change is possible.

Fully trust that you will achieve the success that you are seeking.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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