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I work with physicians, like you, who aspire to create a life and career where you thrive and excel. Physicians who want the vision that they have for their lives to match the reality of their daily life. Developing a career trajectory where you are aligned with your core values and vision; that uses and develops your skills and talents; and allows you to connect in impactful ways with others is a recipe for growth, inspiration and fulfillment. By tapping into your inner motivation and strengths as a self-leader you put yourself on a path that overcomes burnout, renews well-being, transforms your career and fosters positive, influential leadership.

Physicians bring so many talents and skills to the table:

Physician talents and skills

We will work together, so that you use all your talents in ways that renew and empower you to lead yourself and model to others how to live and work with authenticity, commitment, joy and creativity.

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Introductory Questionnaire

Thrive to Lead MD
Take Charge of Your Life & Career

These exercises initiate the process of clarifying what is truly important to you.



"I want to feel in charge of my life.”
“I want to create and lead a life that is sane, fulfilling and joyful.”
“I want to explore different career options.”
“I want to build my inner strengths as a leader.”
"I want to lead myself and others with confidence, clarity and balance.”


My Story

Dr. Jacqueline Huntly is certified as a Physician Development Coach through the Physician Coaching Institute.

Her clients are individual physicians and health care professionals coming from diverse specialties and practicing in a variety of settings.

Mission Statement
Provide excellence in self-leadership and career coaching, so that physicians feel in charge of their lives and careers. Where they can thrive and lead with authenticity, competence, fulfillment, joy and community.

Vision Statement
To foster a culture in healthcare that resonates with compassion, respect, wholeheartedness and community. A culture that supports well-being and healing for both those who come for care and those who provide care.

Why Physician Coaching?

Coaching can help you find clarity about your interests and the many exciting choices that are open to you. It deepens the commitment, courage and confidence you need to pursue your deepest aspirations and make meaningful decisions. I love helping physicians build inspiring lives where they believe in their future and the impact that they can have. Having worked with many physicians I can attest to the myriad of opportunities open to those individuals who are willing to commit to an exciting, imaginative path and process.

Think of me as a Confidential Sounding Board who will...

Encourage you to think in new and exciting ways.

Brainstorm exciting new opportunities with you.

Help create the structure, focus and support for you to stay in action.

Keep you accountable towards reaching your goals.

Always believe that change is possible.

Fully trust that you will achieve the success that you are seeking.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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Introductory Questionnaire

Thrive to Lead MD
Take Charge of Your Life & Career

These exercises initiate the process of clarifying what is truly important to you.

6 Self-Leadership Exercises

Medicine Inside Out
Building Self-Leadership

This workbook introduces you to basic concepts and exercises for self-leadership.

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