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Walking Around a Garden Nursery – Nature in a Container

The explosion of colors, smells and beauty in a garden nursery delights the senses. Exuberant growth and tantalizing floral arrangements stimulate our imagination, inspiring extravagant purchases. At home, we delight in our tiny, imported oasis of loveliness and joy. For a moment in time, we see, smell, touch and experience the transcendent mystery and wonder …

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Do You Have a Grounding Strategy?

When high or irregular currents hit an electrical system, the grounding wire harmlessly transfers the extra energy into the ground, preventing the system from malfunctioning. Our own systems as humans are not so different. Overload and unpredictability, without grounding, can lead to glitches, diminished performance and even breakdown. The strategy for grounding may vary from …

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The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

Science, Imagination and A Garden Meet: The Garden of Cosmic Speculation I first came across this garden in Louise Penny’s 10th book, The Long Way Home, of the Inspector Gamache series. The name alone intrigued me. The garden represents a collaboration between the late Charles and Maggie Jencks at Portrack House, their home in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Modern …

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Ice Fishing

“Perhaps they are seeking the greatest attraction of ice fishing: peace and tranquility. Out on the ice the silence settles in. The world calms. Restoration begins.” Reading about ice fishing is not something that I would normally do, but I have moved to a part of the country where it is a not uncommon activity. …

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An Architect Channels Nature

Michael Pawlyn has developed mind expanding architectural projects founded on “regenerative” principles. Principles that go beyond creating sustainability (maintain the current state of the environment) to ones that are regenerative (restore environments to their former state). By closely observing nature he is exploring ways to design and operate buildings that can both reverse environmental damage …

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