Do What Truly Excites You. Really?

Could you write down at this very moment  ten things that really excite you? Five? Three? One? Was this difficult for you to do? Did you find a little voice quickly entered your head telling you what ideas were practical , grown-up and “acceptable”. When you are looking to reinvigorate or change your career, it is vitally important that you initially let your imagination have free rein. Trying to curtail your dreams before you even know what they are is both a soul-destroying and unproductive exercise. During the days when I took creative writing classes, I had an excellent writing teacher who regularly admonished me to stop editing my work in my head before I had  even put a word down on paper. To get to the core of what I wanted to say, I had to let go of thoughts of the “right” or “perfect” word and just be prepared to let the vitality of my true thoughts emerge. It is the same process when we try to connect with our dreams and aspirations. We need to let ourselves experience the thrill and vibrancy of ideas that would catapult us out of bed every morning.


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