Maintaining Perspective Under Pressure

Keeping sight of the bigger picture is critical  to not only effectively fulfill the goals of any project or endeavor, but is necessary if  the time and energy expended are to feel connected to a meaningful purpose. Escalating demands; unrealistic expectations; endless interruptions can very easily sabotage the best of intentions and create a sense of sinking into quicksand. The more that each day subsides into a mindless to do list, the less likely the possibility that enthusiasm, energy and commitment will be brought to the job at hand. This aptly represents the costs of  presenteeism -being present at the job, but performing well below potential. The impact of lost perspective, not only affects productivity, but generates a chronic low-grade stress that can impact health on both physical and emotional levels.

What exactly is the bigger picture? It may take the form of reaffirming a life purpose on a daily basis, or it may simply be the process of assuring that tasks are carefully prioritized at the beginning of each day, so that meaningful results, however small, can result on a daily basis. This ensures avoiding the trap of multi-tasking, which has clearly been shown to be a highly unproductive way for most individuals to work at demanding tasks. In addition, it fosters a mental framework of mindfulness, which not only creates better outcomes, but dramatically reduces the stress that results from a chronic sense of underachievement.

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