Purpose is much more than a collection of goals. It is like finding the fuel for the fire in your soul. Purpose may or not make money, but ensuring that at least part of your life is linked to your “purpose” creates richness in life. My clients have spent years getting educated and then working in a specific field, only to find that at some point work, and even life in general, has turned into a daily grind, with little meaning beyond taking home a paycheck. Such a mindset often leads to health problems, diminished work performance and decreased overall work/life satisfaction. I find that by encouraging my clients to take the risk of thinking outside the box, they find new ways of looking at their situation. They may reconnect to what drew them to their work in the first place or decide that it is time to make a change and embark on a new pathway. (Recommended readingA Whole New Mind and Drive by Daniel Pink)

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