Phil’s Camino

A Stage Four cancer diagnosis in 2011 completely changes Phil Volker’s life, an islander from Vashon, WA. His regular cancer treatments upend his plan to walk El Camino de Santiago. Instead, he creates a path behind his house through the forest and pastures of the land surrounding his house. He walks the 500 miles of the Camino, charting his progress on a map of Spain. He completes his journey and not only improves his health, but discovers more about himself and others than he could have ever imagined.

What is Your Story?
“The mission of “What is Your Story? Is to put an end to the isolation that comes from feeling misunderstood.”
This traveling interactive art exhibition showcases anonymous, handwritten stories that are composed within the pages of used books. Visitors can write their own stories and also respond anonymously to stories that they read.
“A story is told. A voice is heard.”

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