Self-Care: A Cornerstone of Self-leadership

It all begins with one question:

 What do you most need to survive and thrive?

self care

Self-care is a decisive, personal act. Beyond healthy food, exercise and sleep, genuine self-care encompasses the routines, rituals, activities that uniquely speak to us as individuals. It could be a cup of tea, solitude, cold water swimming, meditation, speaking with a friend. The list goes on and on. We may not appreciate their importance, until we experience their loss. Internal and external pressures suggest that they are expendable. Yet deep inside we know that they are essential and priceless. We know that in their own unique, mysterious way they help us restore and maintain equanimity, well-being and meaning. Failing to unearth these life-giving gems, leaves us fragile and more vulnerable to the demands around us. By bringing them to light and integrating them into our lives, we create the habits that allow us to truly flourish and succeed.

It all begins with one question:

What do I most need to survive and thrive?

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