A Passion for Educating the World

“The role of a bricks-and-mortar setting as the major option for legitimate knowledge transfer is a thing of the past.”
— Erica Frank

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Erika Frank MD, MPH, FACPM is a Preventive Medicine physician, medical and educational researcher and public health and environmental advocate. Dr. Frank has dedicated her life and career to finding ways to create impact in education and healthcare on a scale that benefits the greatest number of people possible, particularly in low- and middle-income countries that do not have access to the educational opportunities available in higher income countries.
Amongst her many accomplishments she began NextGENU.org, “the world’s first free learning portal co-offering free certificates with distinguished university and governmental partners”.

Next Gen U offers free, credit worthy courses of stellar quality that are competency and resource-based. In addition, it fosters the creation of global web-based peer communities and includes mentoring from local and/or remote sources.

The courses cover a broad range of topics including clinical, public health, community health, professional development, nursing and health sciences. These courses are offered all over the world, in multiple different languages and at all different levels, including graduate medical education. Amongst the principles that have guided her life, Dr. Frank includes a “need to feel right, ethical, logical and loving.”

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