A Physician turned Artist Transcends Boundaries

The Artist Within

I recently read the fascinating story of Dr. Gindi, a German/Egyptian physician turned sculptor. She traveled the world as a general practitioner before shifting her life into that of an artist, studying at the Florence Academy of Art. Although she states that this may not be the most expected transition for a physician, she feels that her artistic interpretations meld the science of her medical background and the world of art. In her own words:

“Science cannot be reduced to a formal, logical system, or method -— science, as applied to medicine, needs to be augmented by creativity, intuition and – most importantly – empathy. Medical doctors and artists alike try to understand the motivation behind the things that people say and do, their fears, hopes and aspirations. In both professions, one needs to appreciate how culture, gender, moral perceptions, and other telling human factors shape a person, whether it is a patient in the examination room or as one of my ‘outpatient’ sculptures.”

Looking at the photos of some of her sculptures and reading her discussion of their meanings reminded me how valuable it is to take the opportunity to step out from my usual way of conceptualizing thoughts and dilemmas. Dr. Gindi seeks to “model the infinity of our existence.” By embracing the idea of infinity she feels that paradoxically we free ourselves from the fears that limit our ability to live our lives to the fullest. This is beautifully presented through her sculpture ”Immanent Conception of Infinity.

In a further article, Dr. Gindi is interviewed regarding ways in which looking through the eyes of an artist can be an inspiration to better leadership. She likens the imagination that she needs to transform a lump of clay into a work of art to the creativity and openness that business leaders must embrace to discover solutions to challenging issues.

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