Dr. Jackie Huntly

Misalignment of Values: The Canary in the Mine

Discovering the profound dissonance between their values and those expressed, overtly or covertly, by their workplace is a common theme with many of my physician clients. Initially, they may experience a degree of relief at recognizing that this conflict underlies much of the frustration, anger, anxiety and even sadness that they are experiencing with their […]

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Walking Around a Garden Nursery – Nature in a Container

The explosion of colors, smells and beauty in a garden nursery delights the senses. Exuberant growth and tantalizing floral arrangements stimulate our imagination, inspiring extravagant purchases. At home, we delight in our tiny, imported oasis of loveliness and joy. For a moment in time, we see, smell, touch and experience the transcendent mystery and wonder

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Do You Have a Grounding Strategy?

When high or irregular currents hit an electrical system, the grounding wire harmlessly transfers the extra energy into the ground, preventing the system from malfunctioning. Our own systems as humans are not so different. Overload and unpredictability, without grounding, can lead to glitches, diminished performance and even breakdown. The strategy for grounding may vary from

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In My Library

Do you need a dose of extraordinary real-world experiences and places to fire up your imagination? Look no further than Atlas Obscura, the website and the book. Atlas Obscura is not simply a place for those already predisposed to creative, out-of-the-box thinking. It offers a tremendous resource for all of us to shift perspective, receive inspiration

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The Delayed Gratification Trap

Are you stuck in the Marshmallow Experiment? Medical education and training can deliver rewards and satisfaction in terms of achievement, increasing competency and patient interaction, but it is also an exercise in significant sacrifice and delayed gratification. Such things as time, money, relationships, leisure activities are put on hold in service of becoming and growing as

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