Ingenious Solutions- “The Medici Effect”

Reading The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson triggered visceral moments of excitement, resonance and inspiration within me. No discipline thrives without innovation. Being open to the knowledge and experience of diverse fields of endeavor not only stimulates novel ways of thinking, but promotes the spirit of collaboration. I believe it was around the time I first read this book that I also read this story about two pediatric cardiac surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children who, along with a number of others, channeled their interest in Formula One racing to developing strategies that improved post-operative safety for their young patients. The lessons learned from this collaboration have spread worldwide and continue to be refined today. Curiosity and imagination lead to creativity and innovation.

The subtitle of this book is What Elephants and Epidemics Can Teach Us About Innovation,” which I hope will be the final motivator for you to read this book.

One more book:

The dignity, insight and pragmatism of Count Rostov over the years in “A Gentleman in Moscow” reminded me of my late father. Most poignantly, it reminded me of Dad as I watched how he coped for several years with the aftermath of a severe stroke. Check out this interview with author, Amor Towles, talking about his new book “The Lincoln Highway”.

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