Staying Energized and Creative and On Task – Can a Blueprint Help?

Does this ever happen to you? You start the  day with excellent intentions of having a positive, dynamic, fulfilling and productive day. Admittedly, you may not have  invested in any strategies that will specifically help you keep your energy high; your mind flexible and alert to deal with both expected and unexpected events; your general demeanor engaged and communicative. Approaching a wired, high paced 24/7 world without a plan to keep yourself grounded, healthy and productive is like building a house without any forethought or planning. If day after day proceeds in this manner, you may be able to create some kind of finished product but it is likely to have fairly rocky foundations and probably doesn’t look like the structure that you had dreamed about and hoped for. In his article, How Will  You measure Your Life, in the Harvard Business Review, Clayton Christensen describes how the lack of a strategy that defines your purpose and how you plan to live your life on a daily basis, can lead at best  to unfulfilled aspirations and at worst to derailed and often destroyed personal and professional lives. Your blueprint does not have to be carved in stone, or be unresponsive to changing circumstances. However, having a template that you can regularly refer to when you feel as if your world is starting to spin out of control, is a first step towards living a life that is productive and enjoyable.


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