The Four-Fold Way

In shamanic traditions, it is believed that optimum health results from the equal interplay between four archetypes: the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary, and the Teacher. Through her travels and research, the late Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., anthropologist, author, educator and corporate consultant, developed an appreciation of the universality and applicability of these archetypes to all humankind whatever the culture, setting, or structure.  Speaking through the lens of her compassionate humanity and profound wisdom, she brought this understanding to an international audience coming from all walks of life to hear her. speak. 

Her book, The Four-Fold Way, provides a guide for those interested in exploring these archetypes and a path towards greater wisdom and harmony. She outlined four principles that animate them:

The Way of the Warrior

Showing up and Choosing to be Present

The Way of the Healer

Pay Attention to what has Heart and Meaning

The Way of the Visionary

Tell the Truth without Blame or Judgment

The Way of the Teacher

Be Open to Outcome, not Attached to Outcome

Take a moment to reflect on these aphorisms. You may be surprised at how deeply they resonate.

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