“2 billion people live without” safely managed drinking water services” (on site, available when needed and uncontaminated).” 

WHO Drinking-Water Fact Sheet

Imagine a popular nightclub promoter deciding to turn his life around and channel his energies and passion into making a difference in the world? Scott Harrison has built one of the most successful and well-respected charities in the world, funding clean water projects around the globe. He found his way from a wild, hedonistic lifestyle in New York City, to the shores of Liberia in a hospital ship, to transforming lives with the delivery of clean water through dedication, persistence and not wanting to take no for an answer. His book, Thirst, details the ups and downs of building a charity from the ground up on a shoestring budget, driven by an ever- expanding vision and a commitment to transparency and integrity. His celebrated 100% donation model is a product of this vision. His ethos is not to guilt people into donating, but rather with bold, meaningful storytelling touch and inspire them to be part of changing lives. He believes that preventing illness and death from water transmitted diseases, freeing children to attend school, and giving women the chance to expand and grow their lives by providing clean water offers one of the most powerful ways to make a difference and bring about change.

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